The Rockets - One Level Higher (EP preview)

Prepare to travel to the real world filled with truthful stories, without marginal heroes and invented plots. In a world in which darkness and light go side by side, together with good and evil and day and night. In the world without deception, without labels, without avatars, without hidden meanings. In a world created by the people and for the people. In a world where we have not forgotten what joy and tears, happiness and disappointment and health and illness are. In a world that is a level above the veiled reality. In the world in which we live!

1. Darkness & Light (feat. Chronic OM & Diana)
2. Sunny day (feat. Diana)
3. Way home (feat. Chronic OM)
4. One level higher
5. Alzheimer's (feat. Tzar Vasilich)
6. Darkness & Light (feat. Chronic OM & Diana) (PLACENTA remix)
7. Break-in (feat. Tzar Vasilich) (VeroBeatz remix)