Hellhits (BBZ066)

LUCIFERRO - 2017 - "Hellhits"

Second Extreme Dance Music message from LUCIFERRO before Ragnarok.
Are you from the last men resistance?
Are you f**king sick from any gods and spiritual slavery?
You know the real truth, but nobody cares.
Not devoluted to monkey or to pig?
Are you strong, healthy and conscious?
Are you ready to become Titan?
This music is for you.
Take it!
This Hellectric Phoenix rises to connect your rusty devices!!!

LUCIFERRO - music, production, texts, cover art, voice (02, 10);
Godless - growl;
Sku - scream, clean, text (03, 05);
Slabinsky - growl, scream, harsch;
Aksinia - voice (02);
tsumay.com - cover photo.

Recorded, mixed & mastered at SBK.
Engineer - Sergey Kuznetsov.