Break In My Psychology

Rushing on the wet asphalt in hot pursuit, not letting go of the gas pedal. You can not stop, you must be the first. The condition is critical. The car is your time machine. Red or green, day or night, summer or winter - it does not matter. You crave speed. This is a dangerous race in which you can die. The main objective is the final straight. You're still alive, you feel the roar of the engine and you tell yourself: "I'm okay!" Tremendous energy, rapid expression and out-of-boundary drive in this absolutely crazy Single from the project The Morphism, created in collaboration with a charming Selesta Davis and brutal Otus Hobst. Thanks to Anton Gagarin, repertoire of BBZ already includes 2 releases with the inimitable Peter Paul, who delivered his remix in a unique hybrid-techrock style. Another version of the track, presented in an absolutely furious arrangement, is produced by the admirer of beautiful female voices, violent rhythms and pungent bass - 1st Break. The song was written under the inspiration from the first series of the game Need For Speed and the participation of the artists from 4 different countries is what made this release to be very special. Hit the pedal to the metal and enjoy the unique atmosphere of the legendary racing saga with us! Such a mindblowing release!

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